Frequently asked questions

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Will my observers be reminded to complete the assessment?

Yes. Once you identify who your observers will be, an automated email will invite them to provide feedback. They will receive up to five automated reminders until they complete the survey. No reminders will be sent after 30 days from when the participant received the initial welcome email, unless the assessment is still open and/or a one-time extension, upon request, has been granted.

What happens if I have only one informant per observer group?

When there is only one informant in an observer group the results will not be shared. At then end of 30-days, if you do not receive your report, the Leadership Energizes Team can extend the timeframe once, upon request. Under rare occasions, the Leadership Energizes team could receive written permission from the observer to make the results available. It is highly encouraged that three or more observers are invited and encouraged to participate per group to facilitate timely report availability.


How much do LeadershipEnergizes360! and ElectedLeaders360! cost?

Contact us for more information: Contact Link

How is privacy protected?

The Leadership Energizes Team is committed to protecting your privacy, and we implement a variety of security measures to maintain the safety of your personal information. Your assessment rankings and responses will be anonymous. The participant report will only include an average by group per category—not by individual or question. Keep in mind, however, that the open-ended responses will appear exactly as entered. The personalized report will be available to the participant and, if previously identified, an executive coach. If you are an elected official and are concerned about the potential for results being available through public record acts, consult your legal counsel before starting.

Is this a project management assessment?

No, this is not a project management assessment. Instead, the findings are meant to generate professional growth with an emphasis on strategic actions both internal to the organization and externally within communities.


How are the scores calculated?

The total score is the aggregate of each of the ten category scores. The category score reflects the mean of the participant’s score plus the average scores from each observer group.

Are the questions research based?

Yes. The questions are designed based on 150 years of combined research and practice on leadership and management in public, private, and nonprofit sectors.

Can I take it again?

We suggest that a 360-degree assessment be completed again biennially or after further training and/or executive coaching.


When will I get the results?

Results will be sent to you via email 30 days after you receive the initial participant welcome email and you start the assessment. If you do not receive the results after 30 days, you are responsible for contacting the Leadership Energizes Team if you wish a one-time time extension to add additional observers or give the current observers more time to complete it.

Are the results statistically reliable?

Yes. A comprehensive report was completed in May 2018 through an independent researcher on the LeadershipEnergizes360! tool. Assessments will be periodically studied through independent researchers to ensure long-term validity.

Will I be able to print the results?

Yes. Reports can be printed or saved as a pdf.

How long can I access the online results?

Results will be available online for a one-year period.

How are results provided?

The assessment results are provided by category—not by question. There are many 360-degree assessments that share results question-by-question. We believe that this approach places too much emphasis on finding gaps instead of providing an overall impression of strengths and growth opportunities.

While some participants may be interested to know how observers perceive them on specific questions (e.g., a question about their comfort with people who are different than they are), it is more informative and constructive for participants to gain a broader understanding of how others rate them in a category such as Culture and Diversity. This allows the participant to gain collective insights as opposed to obsessing about one rating on one question that may be out of sync with other feedback. Our approach concentrates on what is actionable, as opposed to interesting to know. We focus on your present and future growth.