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This tool measures your leadership impacts as a snapshot in time across three broad areas: Individual Behavior and Characteristics, Group and Team Processes, and Organizational Context. The 360-degree assessment collects observations from you as well as from those to whom you report, your peers, and those who report to you.

Leadership Energizes 360! is specifically designed for current and emerging leaders who are serious about their professional development and growth. This web-based assessment has been designed to address your goals and ensure a positive experience for users.

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The 54-question survey takes about 15 minutes to complete; fifty questions are on a quick-click rating scale and four questions are open-ended. The web-based approach can be completed on desktop or mobile devices.

Each category and question is specifically designed based on extensive research and over 150 years of combined study and practice. Research from prominent thought leaders influenced the questions and results narratives.

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Results are personalized based on observer feedback and, if the minimum requirements are met, available 30-days from the initial participant welcome email. Final reports include a description of the results and, to increase impacts, reflection questions guide future professional development. It can be saved and printed as a PDF.

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LeadershipEnergizes360! takes a proactive leadership approach, emphasizing how leaders become catalysts for change as opposed to focusing on positional, relational, or personal power stances.

How Leadership Energizes Is Different

Assessment results add layers of self-awareness through three main areas: completing the survey, receiving the results, and being guided through a reflective journey–that’s the really cool part! While most 360 assessments stop at the observer feedback, our approach allows your input one more time before the report is finalized. This gives you the opportunity to share thoughts on your present and future approaches by category.

The assessment’s foundation is influenced by the practically applied, leading books in the field, Organizational Behavior (Nahavandi, et.al; 2015; Sage) and Managing Human Behavior in Public and Nonprofit Organizations (Denhardt, et.al; 5th ed.; 2020; Sage). For those participants that are looking for additional information, the report identifies which chapter(s) are most helpful by category.

This 360 is not intended to up-sell you to other products or services, as some other 360s may attempt. It is designed with three different application approaches in mind: self-study, professional development trainings, and executive coaching.

Executive coaches use it with their clients one-on-one to advance understandings and shift behaviors. Once certified, the executive coach has access to their own account where they can access their clients’ reports.

Organizations use the 360 group accounts to complement in-house trainings.

Individuals take it to grow and learn at their own pace.

Areas of Assessment

Observations are collected across 10 leadership areas in three broad categories

Individual Behavior and Characteristics

Self-Awareness and Professional Development

Culture and Diversity

Communication and Engagement

Creativity and Innovation

Group and Team Processes


Team Approach

Managing Conflict and Negotiation

Organizational Context

Organizational Influence and Politics

Organizational Strategy and Structure

Organizational Culture and Change

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